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Wake Forest voters approve four bond questions

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Wake Forest voters approved all four questions on the referendum ballot for the Town of Wake Forest:

  • Question #1 concerning roadway and transportation improvements ($23.7 million) passed 14,940 to 4,617 (76% to 24%).

  • Question #2 regarding parks and recreation ($24.4 million) passed 13,783 to 5,808 (70% to 30%).

  • Question #3 concerning greenway improvements ($14.35 million) passed 13,226 to 6,327 (68% to 32%).

  • Question #4 regarding the downtown parking facility ($12.5 million) passed 10,873 to 8,586 (56% to 44%).


Parks & RecreationOur goal is to acquire, construct, improve, and equip various parks and recreational facilities inside and outside the corporate limits of Wake Forest, including, without limitation, athletic fields, courts, restrooms, shelters, lighting and any related land, easements, rights of way and dam and reservoir improvements.

Wake Forest is committed to ensuring a high quality of life for a diverse, growing population of residents, visitors and businesses is part of the Town’s value system to provide a comprehensive range of parks, open space, recreation facilities and programs.

Parks, facilities and programs add to the value and quality of life enjoyed by Wake Forest residents and are made possible by a strategic commitment to excellence and community investments.

Bond Amount

$24.4 million

Potential Projects

  • Athletic Fields Lighting System

  • Restroom Installation 

  • Ailey Young Park Improvements

  • Multipurpose Outdoor Sports Complex (to include Pickleball)

  • Reservoir Improvements

  • Flaherty Park Dam Repair

Parks & Recreation
Assistant Town Manager/CFO