Electronic Plan Review

The Town of Wake Forest offers an electronic plan review system that saves time and money for architects, developers, planners, residents and anyone else planning a residential or commercial project.

Known as Electronic Plan Review (EPR), the new initiative allows anyone who needs to have a plan reviewed by the Town to submit the plan electronically, and then see comments left by plan reviewers in real time.

Access Electronic Plan Review

Some applications in EPR are going through testing and modification. If you have questions or encounter a problem please contact Jennifer Currin or Patrick Reidy.



In addition to saving time and money, EPR also saves paper and eliminates the cost of printing multiple sets of plans for review. It also allows applicants to access the plans they submitted and monitor the status of their plan review anywhere internet service is available. Finally, EPR effectively reduces the amount of time applicants must spend at Town Hall, while also shortening wait times.

For more information, contact Development Services Manager Jennifer Currin.


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Electronic Plan Review
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