Safety Tips

Halloween Safety
When little ghosts and goblins are "haunting" local neighborhoods with trick-or-treat bags in hand, the Wake Forest Police Department wants toensure a safe and happy experience for your family by offering severalsafety tips.

Holiday Safety
The holidays are a joyous time of year. Keep your celebrations festiveby followinga few crime and safety precautions from the Wake Forest Police Department.

Home Security
Whether you're home or away, protect yourself and your family with these helpful tips from the Wake Forest Police Department.

Neighborhood Watch
Learn how to work with the Wake Forest Police Department to learn how to report suspicious activities, assist in property identification, conduct home surveys and implement home security measures and precautions.

Safety Tips for Joggers & Walkers
Exercising and keeping fit is a way of life for many people. If your workout takes you outdoors, remember these safety tips from the Wake Forest Police Department before you hit the road.

Stop the Violence
Visit this page for information on how to avoid violent situations, teach children how to deal with conflicts, what to do if you sense a possible violent situation in your neighborhood, or are concerned about particular conditions that could lead to violence.

Crime Prevention Tips
Capt. M. May prepared this slide presentation that offers simple steps you cantake to avoidbecoming a victim of crime.


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