K9 Unit

The Wake Forest Police Department's Canine Unit currently consists of two canine teams - each comprised of a canine and the assigned handler. A canine team patrols the town and answers calls for service the same as other officers within the department.

One of the greatest values of police canine is their presence on the street. A canine can have a tremendous psychological effect and as a result, are a tremendous deterrent to criminal activity.

The purpose of the canine is not to replace the police officer, but to work together with the canine handler. The canine's remarkable sense of smell and hearing are the primary reasons police departments utilize them. These senses allow the canine to perform functions that the human officer cannot. These abilities assist in tracking of missing or wanted person(s), building searches, searching for discarded items a suspect may discard while fleeing from a crime and the odor of illegal narcotics.

The canine is also trained in handler protection.

For More Information

If you have any questions about the Wake Forest Police Department K-9 Unit or would like to request a K-9 public demonstration, please contact Lt. T. Lairmore at 919-554-6150.


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