In March 2018 the Wake Forest Police Department (WFPD) received international accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc. (CALEA).

The accreditation verifies that the WFPD meets the commission's industry best-practice standards and has attained public safety professional excellence.

As part of the voluntary application process, WFPD had to comply with 189 standards, including development of a comprehensive, well-thought-out uniform set of written directives, a preparedness program in place to address natural or man-made critical incidents and accountability for authority, performance and responsibilities both within the agency and the community.

As part of the review process, CALEA conducted a site visit in Wake Forest last December that examined all aspects of WFPD's policies and procedures, management, operations and support services.

The accreditation is good for four years, during which WFPD must submit annual reports to show continued compliance with the standards under which it was initially accredited.

The purpose of CALEA's accreditation is to improve the delivery of public safety services, primarily by maintaining a body of standards developed by practitioners in the field that cover a wide range of up-to-date safety initiatives.