Stormwater Control Measures

Stormwater Design

Chapter 12.5 of the Unified Development Ordinance and Chapter 2 of the Manual of Specifications, Standards & Design discusses the Town's stormwater control regulations. All Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) must meet the minimum design criteria as outlined in the North Carolina Stormwater Design Manual.  Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manuals for SCMs must be submitted for review with all stormwater calculations as outlined in the UDO and MSSD.  

Construction Sequence

The Town's Engineering Department has created a process document to assist with SCM design approval and recordation. The intent of this SCM Sequence is to create a uniform enforcement of our policy and clearly define our expectations for the development community.  

Operations & Maintenance Legal Agreement

The owner of the SCMs shall enter into a Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Agreement with the Town of Wake Forest. The O&M Agreement requires the owner to maintain, repair, or reconstruct the SCMs in accordance with the approved design plans and the O&M Manual. The O&M Agreement shall be referenced on the final plat and shall be recorded with the county Register of Deeds upon final plat approval. If no subdivision plat is recorded for the site, then the O&M Agreement shall be recorded with the county Register of Deeds so as to appear in the chain of title of all subsequent purchasers.

The Town requires a signed and executed O&M Legal Agreement for all SCMs prior to the beginning of construction.  Once construction is complete the O&M Legal Agreement will be updated and re-executed for recordation with the Wake County Register of Deeds prior to the final plats approval.  The O&M Legal Agreement, O&M Manual and associated budget must all be recorded.  For O&M Legal Agreement execution, please provide three (3) hard copies to the Stormwater Engineer at the Public Works office for signature.  

As-Built Requirements

The SCM As-Built Certifications will be submitted through IDT prior to the close out process.  A licensed Professional Engineer must sign and seal the SCM As-built Certification Form for each SCMs to ensure the SCM was constructed as design.  

Annual Inspection Reports

Per Chapter 12.5.6 (C), the person responsible for maintenance of any SCM shall submit to the Stormwater Engineer an inspection report from a qualified inspector. All inspection reports shall consist of the appropriate Annual Stormwater Control Measure Inspection Report (refer to the Additional Resources) and the SCM Inspection Cover Sheet. Only one Cover Sheet is required if multiple SCM Inspection Reports are being submitted together. All inspection reports shall be submitted to Nick Nolte by December 31st of each year or on the anniversary of the as-built certification form.  The owner of each SCM should keep records of inspection, maintenance, and repairs for at least 5 years and may need to submit those records to the Stormwater Engineer upon request.  

Stormwater Control Measures Dashboard

The SCM dashboard highlights all Stormwater Control Measures recorded by the Town of Wake Forest, along with their respective Inspection Status. The dashboard is an ongoing project, so some information may require updating. This map will continue to be updated as additional inspection reports are received, as well as when new SCMs have been constructed within the Town’s jurisdiction. For more information, contact Nick Nolte at  919-435-9449. 

SCM Dashboard