Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat

A Smart Thermostat from Wake Forest Power is a great way to save electricity and lower your home energy bill. Through these internet-connected thermostats, you have the "power" to manage your home's cooling and heating system online or by a mobile app.

On top of that – it's FREE - plus you will receive load management credit depending on the season.


How does it work?

Wake Forest Power will provide the thermostat, then you are responsible for its installation. After the thermostat is installed, you can program the comfort settings for your home online or by a mobile app.

On the coldest and hottest days of each month, when HVAC systems are running in virtually every home and business straining our local electric system, your smart thermostat will allow Wake Forest Power to remotely adjust your thermostat settings by a few degrees only as needed during peak energy demand. Peak times typically occur on hot summer afternoons between 2-6 p.m. and cold winter mornings between 7-8 a.m. Please note: Wake Forest Power does not perform energy cycling on holidays.

Your participation can help increase your energy savings while helping to reduce peak demand on our electrical grid.


What are the benefits of participating?

  • Free programmable thermostat (retail value $300)

  • Ability to control your thermostat remotely by the Internet and mobile app

  • Long-term energy savings, thereby reducing your utility bill

  • Proactively contribute to energy management in our community and help reduce the impact on natural resources


Who should participate?

A Smart Thermostat is a great fit for Wake Forest Power residential customers if:

  • You have an electric heat pump or HVAC system

  • You own and occupy your home

  • You have internet access or a smart phone

  • Neither you or your family have medical conditions that would prohibit increased room temperatures


Why participate?

When you win, everyone wins. As your community-owned public power utility, our smartest, lowest cost solution during periods of increased demand is to ask our customers to conserve during hot summer and cold winter days. That's why we are offering Smart Thermostats. It is a proactive, innovative solution for homeowners with electric heat pumps or HVAC systems. Using our natural resources wisely not only helps you save money, but it can also help keep rates low for our community.

PLEASE NOTE: A limited number of Smart Thermostats are available. 

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Smart Thermostats
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