General Government Projects

Downtown Streetscape Improvements: White Street, Owen Avenue, Jones Avenue, and Brooks Street

  • Downtown Improvements, Phase 3
  • Phase: Design

  • Cost: $2.6 million

  • Description: Continue implementing the Renaissance Plan for Downtown Wake Forest; Initiative includes improvements to streets and landscaping within the downtown area. There are five sections included in this project; 1. South White Street Improvements, Phase 3; 2A. East Owen Avenue Improvements; 2B. East Jones Avenue Improvements; 2C. Wait Avenue Improvements; 3. Brooks Street Improvements; 4. North White Street Improvements, Phase 3; and 5. Front Street Intersection Improvements

  • March 2018 Update

    • Survey work completed during March for sections 1 S. White Street and 2A East Owen Avenue. Project webpage established. Scheduled stakeholder meetings with property owners for April 2, 3 and 11. Kimly-Horn is developing the conceptual design plan and visualzations for the project. They will present the conceptual design plan to the BOC on April 17. We anticipate completing construction for sections 1 and 2A by the end of 2019.

Ailey Young House Rehabilitation

  • Ailey Young House
  • Phase: Not started

  • Cost: $104,500

  • Description: Improvements will provide universal accessibility and increased capacity

  • March 2018 Update

    • In process of replacing the roof - HPC has committed $5,011 towards roof. Revising RFP to seek proposals to replace the roof in-kind matching the existing as closely as possible. Submitted two letters of intent (LOI) for grants with the National Trust for Historic Preservation for the Ailey Young House Rehabilitation. The first LOI is for $60,000 to conduct site plans, landscape architecture plans, and architectural plans for the porch reconstruction. The second LOI is for $115,000 for the Rehabilitation of the house including the roof. A grant application was submitted to the Covington Foundation in February for $20,000 towards the roof replacement project. Finally, a Certified Local Government grant application ($5,100) was submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office to complete the archaeology of the porch area. A steering committee has been formed to help guide the project rehabilitation and interpretation of the site. Between 2015 and 2017, the first floor has been stabilized to include rebuilding the stairs on the east and west end, west side interior sheathing has been replaced, second floor joists have been replaced, and a portion of the board and batten siding has been replaced. The HPC also received a grant ($4,500) to conduct ground-penetrating radar on the site to determine potential archaeological significance.

Board Chambers - AV/Camera System

  • Phase: Construction

  • Cost: $223,500

  • Description: Update existing audio visual, camera and sound system in the Board chambers for televising meetings

  • March 2018 Update

    • In the process of installing two additional microphones at the podium. Additional improvements will take place in FY2019.

Landscaping Plan

  • Phase: Construction

  • Cost: $65,000

  • Description: Wake Forest Cemetery

  • March 2018 Update

    • Project underway. Started with drainage issues but they are being worked on at this time.