Organizational Performance

Strategic PlanOur Focus

The Organizational Performance department is responsible for evaluating and assessing the outcomes of strategic initiatives implemented within the organization. This includes measuring the success and effectiveness of new programs or improvements made to existing ones. The department places particular emphasis on global customer service, ensuring that the organization continues to meet and exceed customer expectations on a worldwide scale.

In addition to measuring results, the department also focuses on enhancing the employee culture within the organization. This involves implementing strategies and initiatives to improve employee satisfaction, motivation, and engagement. By fostering a positive, diverse and inclusive work environment, the department aims to maximize employee productivity and performance.

Furthermore, the Organizational Performance department works closely with community partners to achieve shared objectives. This collaboration involves establishing and maintaining relationships with local organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and other stakeholders. By working together with these partners, the department can leverage resources, knowledge, and expertise to create mutually beneficial programs and initiatives that benefit both the organization and the communities it operates in.

Overall, the focus of the Organizational Performance department is to drive performance improvement by measuring and evaluating strategic initiatives, enhancing employee culture, and collaborating with community partners. Through these efforts, the department plays a crucial role in ensuring the organization's continued success and positive impact on its customers and communities.


Employee Culture

Closely aligned with Human Resources and the Town Manager’s office, OP is designed to help the organization improve the effectiveness and performance and processes by developing multi-faceted employees, maximizing strengths, and tapping into the potential of every person.

The Organizational Performance department also plays a significant role in shaping the employee culture within the organization. By working closely with Human Resources and the Town Manager's office, the department aims to foster an environment that promotes employee growth, engagement, and overall satisfaction. Through various feedback mechanisms, employees are provided with opportunities to showcase their abilities and receive recognition for their contributions. This not only boosts motivation but also helps in creating a positive work culture that values individual strengths.

By working in conjunction with HR and the Town Manager's office, the Organizational Performance department ensures that employee culture aligns with the organization's goals and values. It aims to create an environment where individuals feel valued, encouraged to excel, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This, in turn, contributes to an overall positive and high-performing work culture within the organization.

Community Outreach

Community outreach is a vital aspect of Wake Forest's operations, whereby the organization establishes connections and collaborations with various stakeholders within the community. This includes building relationships with citizens, faith groups, non-profit organizations, and other companies in the area.

One of the primary focuses of Wake Forest's community outreach efforts is promoting mental wellness within the community, particularly among the youth, veterans, and seniors. By acknowledging the importance of mental well-being, Wake Forest aims to create a supportive environment and provide resources for individuals facing mental health challenges.

In addition to mental wellness, Wake Forest also strives to address food insecurity within the community. The organization oversees the Northern Community Food Security Program (NCFST), which seeks to make a positive impact by addressing issues related to food availability and accessibility. This program may include initiatives such as food drives, community gardens, or partnerships with local food banks to ensure that individuals in need have access to nutritious meals.

By engaging in community outreach activities and initiatives, Wake Forest demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and overall quality of life for community members. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, the organization aims to make a meaningful and lasting impact in areas such as mental wellness and food security.

Staff Directory

Name Job Titlesort descending Email Phone Numbers
Kiel Ortiz Community Outreach Assistant [email protected]
Andrew Brown, Jr. Community Outreach Manager [email protected]
Katrina Motta Organizational Performance Coordinator [email protected]
Lisa Hayes Organizational Performance Director [email protected]
Organizational Performance
Organizational Performance Director