Wake Forest Power launches new outage map & reporting tool

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - 5:24pm

Wake Forest Power (WFP) has launched a new online outage map and reporting tool that makes it easier than ever for customers to report power outages and receive real-time information about power interruptions. The outage map and reporting tool are accessible from www.wakeforestnc.gov/wake-forest-power and provided as a function of the Town app (under Wake Forest Power).

When a power outage occurs, the interactive map will show a red dot in the approximate location of the outage, along with the number of affected customers and the current duration. The size of the dot will correlate to the size of the outage and will show outages of any size, even those that affect just one customer.

As an added benefit, the new outage map includes a “Report Outage” button (in the top right corner) customers can click on to quickly report an outage in their location from their computer or smart phone.

For WFP customers without laptops or cell phones with internet capabilities, outages may still be reported by calling 919-435-9478.

“We work hard to keep the lights on, but sometimes outages occur,” said Electric Utility Director Chris Terrell. “Our new interactive outage map offers a quick and easy way for customers to give and receive information while we’re working to restore power.”

For more information about WFP’s new outage map and reporting tool, email Chris Terrell at [email protected]