Power outage affecting several areas of Wake Forest

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 8:54am

UPDATE: Power has been restored to all 2,900 Wake Forest Power customers affected by an earlier outage. The cause was due to a faulty main breaker which is being repaired.

Several customers reported issues with the outage reporting component of the Outage Management System. Wake Forest Power officials are working to resolve the problem.

The following information was distributed today at 8:50 am:


Approximately 2,900 Wake Forest Power customers who live in the following areas are without power this morning:

  • Jenkins Road

  • Tyler Run

  • Bennett Park

  • Holding Ridge Subdivision

  • Northeast side of Town

  • Wake Forest Crossing

  • Highgate Subdivision

  • Swans Cove Subdivision

  • Durham Road

  • Remington Woods Subdivision

  • Richland Drive

The cause of the outage is not known. Electric crews are responding but there is no estimated time for when power will be restored.

Wake Forest Power makes it easy for customers to report electric outages and stay informed about power interruptions in their area through its Outage Management System (OMS). The highlight of the initiative is an automated outage reporting telephone number: 919-761-7899.

Customers need only to call 919-761-7899 and follow the prompts to quickly notify Wake Forest Power that their electricity is out.

When a customer calls the outage reporting number, the OMS attempts to identify the telephone number from which the customer is calling and match that number to their account. As long as Wake Forest Power has the number in its system, the OMS will recognize the customer. If Wake Forest Power does not have the number, or if the number on file is wrong, information pertaining to the customer's account will not be found.

Wake Forest Power is asking customers to make sure they have provided accurate contact information. More specifically, customers are asked to register up to two phone numbers associated with their account. For more information, visit www.wakeforestnc.gov//wake-forest-power/report-power-outage.