Police reveal top high-risk intersections in Wake Forest, urge drivers to be alert and slow down

Monday, March 20, 2023 - 10:59am

MapThe Wake Forest Police Department recently announced the top six high-risk intersections in Wake Forest based on the number of accidents (shown beside each intersection) that occurred in these areas from 2021-2023:

  1. Capital Boulevard (US 1)/South Main Street/New Falls of Neuse Road - 61
  2. Capital Boulevard (US 1)/Agora Drive/Wake Union Church Road – 40
  3. Capital Boulevard (US 1)/Dr. Calvin Jones Highway (NC 98 Bypass) – 39
  4. Capital Boulevard (US 1)/Burlington Mills Road – 32
  5. Dr. Calvin Jones Highway/South Main Street (US 1) - 30
  6. Capital Boulevard (US 1)/Stadium Drive/Jenkins Road - 25

Failure to reduce speed, inattention, and distracted driving were the most often cited contributing factors in these accidents.

Police officials are taking this opportunity to urge motorists to be alert and proceed with caution through these and all intersections.

To try and make the intersections safer, officers will continue conducting enforcement campaigns in and around these areas.