Fees & Charges

Returned Check Charge: $25.00
Any check returned to the Town of Wake Forest for any purpose, will be assessed a returned check charge of $25. The check and returned check charge must be paid for in cash (or money order). The returned check charge will be waived if a letter, from the bank, which the subject check was drawn on, is received noting the return was due to bank error.

Deposit – Residential: $200.00
This is the maximum deposit required should a respective customer's credit check necessitate the deposit.

Delinquent Fee: $26.75

After Hours Reconnection for Medical Emergency : $100.00

Meter Test Fee: $30.00

New Service Fee: $15.45

Transfer Fee: $15.45

Service Fee (charge to tag door for disconnect due to non-payment): $10.30

Meter Tampering (Cut Seal) Fee: $300.00

Late Fees – The billing month is defined as the month when a bill is rendered for payment. Bills are due upon receipt. All bills not paid within twenty-two (22) days from date of bill shall be subject to a late payment charge of $5 or 2% of the outstanding bill, whichever is greater. This applies to all Electric rate schedules included in this document.

Utility Sales Tax – All applicable North Carolina sales tax will be applied to all respective electric rate schedules listed in this document.

Non-Residential (Business, Commercial and Industrial) Deposits: The amount of the deposit for non-residential electric service will be equivalent to the cost of two (2) months utility service. The amount of the deposit shall be based on previous billing history and/or projected consumption. The Town reserves the right to adjust the amount of the deposit after the customer has established a billing history to more accurately reflect consumption.

DISCLAIMER: Town of Wake Forest fees and charges are subject to change without notice. Please contact the appropriate department to confirm current fees and charges.