Load Management

You can "Beat the Peak" with residential load management. Load management is a means of controlling the amount of electricity being used at any one time. When periods of peak demand occur, load management is used to reduce the demand and lower the cost.

Customers who currently participate in any of the load management programs allow the Town of Wake Forest to install a load management switch on their electric water heater, electric heat strips, or central air conditioner. During periods of heavy demand for power, radio signals to the load management switch cycle the controlled units off. The more switches the town has in place, the greater the impact of the load management program.

Wake Forest averages approximately ten days per month load managing. Typically, peak times occur on hot summer afternoons between 2-6 p.m. and cold winter mornings between 7-8 a.m. Customers participating in any of the load management programs usually do not notice when their load management switch is activated.

The Town of Wake Forest offers load management incentives to its existing residential and commercial customers, while installing load management controls on all new residential services.

Commercial load management programs are offered with or without generators. To have load management controls installed or removed or to request additional information, please call 919-435-9574.

Load Management Programs

  • Electric Water Heater Control - Water heaters are cycled off during load management periods. Controlling water heaters will not affect the amount of hot water available. Customers receive $2.00 utility bill credit each month.

  • Electric Heat Strip Control - Heat strips are controlled during the winter load management periods (December – March). Compressors continue to provide heat. Customers receive $10.00 utility bill credit each month.

  • Central Air Conditioner 50% Control - Under 50% air conditioner control, the compressor is cycled off for brief periods. The circulating fan continues to run and comfort levels are not affected. Customers receive $5.00 utility bill credit for the months of June, July, August, and September.

  • Central Air Conditioner 100% Control - Under 100% air conditioner control, compressors are turned off for the entire load management period. Fans will continue to operate but air will not be cooled. Therefore, homes will get hot. Customers receive $20.00 utility bill credit for the months of June, July, August, and September.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
There is never a maintenance charge with the Town's Load Management Program. If you become dissatisfied for any reason, the switch will be removed at no charge to the customer. For more information, call 919-435-9574.

How to Enroll
To sign up for Load Management, complete the Application for Load Management.


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