Asset Maintenance Projects

Annual Street Maintenance plus Owen Avenue Parking Lot

Phase: Construction

Cost: $4.367 million

Description: Pavement rehab and annual maintenance; pave Owen Avenue parking lot

Update: Ongoing


Ailey Young Dam Removal & Stream Repair

Current Phase: Complete

Cost: $643,100

Description: Remove pond dam and repair stream



Flaherty Park Dam Maintenance & Repair

Phase: Design

Cost: $1.197 million

Description: Add riser structure to pond, add parapet wall, flatten slope from 2:1 to 3:1, and upgrade greenway trail from 8 feet wide to 10 feet wide



Sanford Creek Greenway Boardwalk Replacement

Phase: Not started

Cost: $4.664 million

Description: Redesign and replacement of boardwalk due to age and changing environmental conditions.

Update: Redesign fall 2021 and reconstruct in 2022-2023

Wake Forest Reservoir Improvements

Phase: Design

Cost: $4.7 million

Description: Dam Improvements, G.G. Hill Water Treatment Plant demolition, Phase I-upgrade parking lot, boat ramp, dock and bridges, Phase II- Oak Grove Church Road trail bridge and continuation of soft trail on east side of reservoir

Update: Coordinating transfer of property from City of Raleigh to Town of Wake Forest


Transportation Sidewalk

Phase: Ongoing

Cost: $75,000

Sidewalk Replacement

Phase: Construction

Cost: $75,000

Description: Replace deteriorated, broken and/or uneven sidewalks


Richland Creek Stream Restoration

Phase: Complete

Cost: $8,600 design, $75,000 construction

Description: Repair approximately 100 LF of stream bank due to damage from Hurricane Matthew



Smith Creek Soccer Center Improvements

Phase: Not Started

Cost: $1.3 million

Description: Restroom facilities, repave parking lot, add greenway loop, add trees, upgrade playground facilities, add environmental education stations

North Main Stormwater Repair & Roadway Rehabilitation

Phase: Design

Cost: $18,790

Description: Relocate and replace failing stormwater pipe and box between North Main St., N. College St. and N. Wingate St. Upgrade existing boxes on North Main Street (US1A) to current standards with hood and grade, re-granite curb as needed, and resurface street to minimize flooding.



Asset Maintenance Projects
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