YAB History

The idea for a Wake Forest Youth Advisory Board was first suggested by Mayor Vivian Jones. Mayor Jones says she considered creating a youth board after talking with area young people and hearing about the successes other communities have enjoyed with their youth councils.

"I am always interested in hearing the views of young people," said Jones. "I believe that creating a youth advisory board is an excellent way of giving our young people a voice in their affairs, while at the same time getting them involved in civic life."

Mayor Jones' idea led to the first ever Youth Summit on April 14, 2007. On that day, nearly 30 are high school students came together at Flaherty Park Community Center to offer their views on creating a youth council.

Mayor Vivian Jones began the meeting by stating that she hoped the summit would be the first step toward forming a youth advisory board. As envisioned, the board or council would allow 9th-12th graders to come together to learn leadership skills, gain knowledge of how local government operates, and serve in an advisory capacity to the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners on issues of interest to Wake Forest youth.

Following the opening session, the youths were separated into two groups where they were asked to give their views on whether a youth advisory board is needed, its role and composition, and the issues it should address.

During June, the Town of Wake Forest solicited applications from area high school students who were interested in serving on the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) for the 2007-2008 school year.

YAB applicants attended the July 10 Board of Commissioners work session where they were formally introduced. Each also was asked to describe why they wanted to serve on the YAB.

The Board of Commissioners announced its official appointments to the YAB during its regular meeting on July 17.