Work set to begin on Ailey Young Dam Removal & Stream Restoration Project

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 10:50am

Over the next few days, Fluvial Solutions, Inc., a contractor working on behalf of the Town of Wake Forest, will begin the initial phase of work on the Ailey Young Park Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Project. Weather permitting, crews are expected to begin this week surveying the project site and staging equipment.

In 2014, a structural inventory of bridges and dams within Town-owned parks identified the need for the Ailey Young Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Project. The initiative involves “Peggy’s Pond,” which is situated in the rear of Ailey Young Park, 800 E. Juniper Ave., adjacent to the existing basketball courts.

The Town purchased the property in 1981 and created Ailey Young Park several years later. In recent years, the pond dam outlet has experienced a significant failure resulting in major erosion, a decrease in water levels and an adverse effect on aquatic life.

The project will consist of the partial removal and replacement of the dam and pond with a stream restoration and two small wetlands for continued habitat. It will also revert the Unnamed Tributary to Dunn Creek back to its original pre-1953 condition prior to its use as a farm pond.

The stream restoration effort will also include the construction of an observation deck for wildlife viewing, native-non-invasive plantings and environmental education offerings.

The stream restoration portion of the project is anticipated to be completed this fall and the planting of live stakes and wetland plants will be completed in the winter.

Wake Forest obtained 100 percent funding for this project in the amount of $693,105 from the NC Department of Justice Environmental Enhancement Grant, NC Department of Environmental Quality’s EPA 319(h) Grant, and the NC Department of Environmental Quality’s Water Resources Development Grant.

For more information, contact Environmental Engineer Carrie Mitchell at 919-435-9443 or