Wake Forest Power begins project to replace streetlights with LEDs

Monday, June 14, 2021 - 3:19pm

Wake Forest Power is embarking on converting the streetlight fixtures throughout its service territory from high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights to LED. Designed to meet sustainability, safety and security needs, the LED conversion of fixtures will occur over the next three fiscal years at a cost of approximately $125K per year.

The replacement effort will concentrate on public roadways first, before proceeding into residential subdivisions and local parking lots. Replacements are currently in progress in the northeast area of town.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are up to 80% more efficient than other lighting sources and use far less energy, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Whereas the existing HPS fixtures use standard High-Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPSV) lamps with a warmer color temperature (yellow light), the new LED fixtures will have a cooler color temperature (moonlight color), which will enhance visibility and provide better color rendering. The LED fixtures will also provide better efficiency, reliability, and maintainability.

The projected useful life of the LED lighting is 10 years per fixture, compared to an average of five years for the current lighting technology. Although the initial cost per fixture of the current lighting technology is less than the cost of the LED fixtures, the increase in useful life per fixture of the LED technology will result in a significant cost savings for Wake Forest. The cost savings will be realized by a reduced replacement rate for the LED fixtures, an estimated 40% reduction in energy costs as well as reduced maintenance costs.

For more information about Wake Forest Power’s streetlight changeout program, email Electric Systems Manager Chris Terrell at cterrell@wakeforestnc.gov.