"Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart" coming Saturday to Alston-Massenburg Center & Wake Forest Renaissance Centre

Monday, February 19, 2024 - 2:03pm

Mike Wiley Productions will present two free performances of “Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart” in Wake Forest on Saturday, Feb. 24. The first performance will take place at 11 a.m. at the Alston-Massenburg Center, 416 N. Taylor St., while the second show is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St.

“A Game Apart” provides a glimpse of Jackie Robinson’s life during a bygone era of separate and unequal locker rooms, whites-only hotels, and restaurants with only a back door for colored athletes to enter.

Witness the hopeless humiliation of a star player who was showered with adulation on the field and became a second-hand citizen when he walked off the diamond. Meet Jackie’s compatriots fighting the same battles between the end zones, inside the ring,  and around the track. 

A powerful lesson of courage through dedication, perseverance, and leadership, “A Game Apart” is part of the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre’s "Arts for All" free community performance series supported by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County.

For more information, contact Renaissance Centre Specialist Debra Horton at 919-435-9566 or [email protected].