Christmas tree mulch no longer available, online orders now accepted for leaf mulch & wood chips

Thursday, January 21, 2021 - 10:55am

The Town of Wake Forest is out of Christmas tree mulch, so no orders are being accepted. The Town plans to resume accepting orders in December, but there is no waiting list.

Residents may now request free leaf mulch and wood chips online at

Leaf mulch is the result of letting loose leaves collected by the Town of Wake Forest decompose over time. The leaves turn from dark brown to black and have an earthy aroma and crumbly texture. A soil condition, leaf mulch can be mixed into your garden soil to increase water retention making it easily available for plants.

Made from chipped or ground trees and branches, wood chips make an attractive and decorative border for paths, in planting beds, or around trees and shrubbery. Residents are advised that due to the inconsistent colors, sizes and types of trees and branches chipped or ground, the wood chips the Town provides is unlike the kind you would expect to purchase at a home improvement store.

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