Fiscal Strength

OBJECTIVE A - Maintain public trust in the sustainability of the Town's financial system
  1. Improve transparency on website

  2. Apply for Popular Annual Financial Reporting Award (PAFR) for Citizen's Financial Report

OBJECTIVE B - Maximize return on Town funds
  1. Maintain or improve Town's bond rating

  2. Develop cash flow plan for Town and monitor forecast to improve investment strategy with rising interest rates to increase investment earnings

  3. Update debt issuance plan and update debt model accordingly

  4. Assessment of the next bond needs and prepare for 2019 referendum

  5. Update the Recreation Impact Fee

  6. Evaluate different OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) strategies and determine funding solution

  7. Evaluate feasibility of refinancing 2009 GO Bonds

  8. Evaluate feasibility of Town transitioning to self-insured for healthcare

  9. Conduct a technology assessment of existing internal technology infrastructure