FNOW Parking

Free Parking
Free parking is available along several side streets and other downtown locations for anyone planning to attend Friday Night on White. Designated public parking areas are identified by Friday Night on White parking signage (shown right).

Your best option is to take advantage of the free parking Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) has graciously made available in several campus lots. All of these lots are well with-in a 15-minute walk of South White Street.

Parking Map

Click the image above to view permitted parking in the following areas of downtown and SEBTS:

  • lots between South Main Street and South College Street

  • lot behind Patterson Hall

  • lot on Wingate Street

  • lots at North Avenue and Rock Spring Road

Public Lots vs. Private Lots
Some downtown parking lots may appear to be public, when in fact they are private. Please be sure to read all signage in the parking lot to determine what type of lot you are using. Private lots are intended for business patrons only. Public lots that are open to Friday Night on White attendees are clearly marked.

Handicap Parking

  • Town Hall Parking Lot, 301 S. Brooks St.