Safety Tips for Commuters

If you anticipate having to navigate around the Burlington Mills Road closure, start preparing now. Motorists must be more alert as traffic patterns will change.

Here are a few tips for commuters. Some are common sense, but let's not take anything for granted during this extended project:

Allow yourself more time

  • It may take longer to get where you're going. Plan ahead.

Adults carpool, kids take the bus

  • Fewer cars on the road reduce commuting stress, improve mobility and save money.

Slow down

  • Speeds you normally take for granted should be monitored carefully. Be prepared for sudden slowdowns and stoppages.

Avoid all driver distractions

  • You've heard, read and even witnessed motorists doing not-so-smart, dangerous things under ordinary driving conditions (using cell phones, tablets, laptops to talk, text and browse, eating, reading, steering with their knees as they apply makeup, etc.). Don't do it. The likelihood of creating an accident are magnified infinitely in construction areas.

Be patient

  • The project along Burlington Mills Road will take time to complete. Be patient with other drivers and kinder to yourself.

Be familiar with the signed detours

Urge employers to consider flex-time schedules

  • Do some research. There can be real financial advantages to everyone. Starting earlier, stopping later or working through lunch can help you avoid the stressful 8-9 a.m. and 5-6 p.m. crunches.