Wake Forest Power encourages residential customers to consider “Pre-Pay” electricity

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 8:07am

Wake Forest Power offers a payment option that allows residential customers to pay for electricity in advance. Known as Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power, the initiative utilizes advanced metering technology that also enables customers to more closely monitor their energy usage.  

Under the Pre-Pay Power program, residential customers have the flexibility and control to pay for electricity when they want in the amount they want. By paying for electricity before they use it, pre-pay customers never pay a late fee and are never charged disconnect and reconnect fees if their account runs out of credit.

Customers can also more closely monitor how much energy they use. Instead of appearing on a traditional paper bill that is generated once a month, electricity usage is calculated daily and the cost is deducted each day from the pre-paid account. As a result, customers can observe in real time what happens when they adjust the thermostat a few degrees or turn off an extra light.

Current Wake Forest Power residential customers can convert their account to Pre-Pay Power service by signing up for the program and placing a minimum of $50 in the account for daily usage. New customers may enroll in the program when applying for electric service and must also place at least $50 in the account.

Pre-Pay customers can access their account information and make payments via credit card or debit card at any time by visiting www.wakeforestnc.gov/wake-forest-pre-pay-power.aspx  by calling 919-283-5757, or by downloading the Wake Forest Pre-Pay Power app. Account payments can also be made with cash at any Money Gram location.

Whenever a pre-pay customer’s balance is running low, they will receive periodic notifications via phone, email and/or text message reminding them to add funds to their account. If the balance ever runs out, the electricity will be turned off automatically during the Town’s regular business hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Customers can ensure their power is restored within a few hours – any time day or night - simply by depositing more money into their account.

All Wake Forest Power customers with a 200-amp single phase, non-demand residential account are eligible to enroll in the Pre-Pay Power program. Life Support and Medical Alert accounts are not eligible and payment arrangements are not allowed on Pre-Pay Power accounts.

For more information about Pre-Pay Power, visit www.wakeforestnc.gov/wake-forest-pre-pay-power.aspx or contact Customer Service Manager Andrew Brown, Jr. at abrown@wakeforestnc.gov or 919-435-9466.