Utilities & Solid Waste

The Town of Wake Forest directly provides Electric and Yard Waste services. We also provide residential Garbage & Recycling services by contract with Republic Services. 

The City of Raleigh provides Water & Sewer service.

Contact information for the most common utility concerns is provided below.

Electric Call
Power Outage or Surge


Electric Service Issues 919-435-9570
Bill Payment Options 919-435-9466
Billing Questions / High Bill Concerns 919-435-9478
New Electric Service Installation 919-435-9478
Connect / Disconnect Services 919-435-9478
Disconnection Due to Non-Payment 919-435-9478
Street Light Outage or Concern 919-435-9570
Load Management Switch Concern 919-435-9574
Other Area Electric Service Providers  

Duke Energy Progress

Wake Electric 



Garbage / Recycling / Yard Waste Call
Bulk Item Collection 919-435-9570
Garbage / Recycling MIssed 919-435-9570
Grass Clippings / Limbs / Leaves to be Collected 919-435-9575
Need Repair of Garbage / Recycling Container  919-435-9570
Leaf Collection Hotline 919-435-9582
Water / Sewer Call
Billing Question / High Bill Concern 919-996-3245
Connect / Disconnect Service 919-996-3245
Disconnection due to non-payment 919-996-3245
Mark utility lines / Call before you dig 811
Sewer backup or other issue 919-996-2737
Water leak / Pressure problem 919-996-3245
Water Quality issue 919-996-2737
Water service concerns / No Water 919-996-3245


Natural Gas Service
Gas service is provided by Public Service Gas Company (PSNC). For more information visit their website at PSNC or call 877-776-2427.

Cable TV, Telephone & Internet Service