Harris Road & Wall Road Operational Improvements

Harris Road ProjectThis design of this project is currently on hold.

The Town of Wake Forest proposes to install a roundabout at the intersection of Harris Road and Wall Road as well as sidewalks to help connect nearby subdivisions to Joyner Park.

Purpose and Need
This project seeks to provide a safer corridor by improving operations for vehicles through this intersection as well as connecting pedestrians from surrounding communities to Joyner Park and existing greenway trails. Roundabouts are a safer intersection design and have shown to reduce the number of vehicular collisions as compared to a standard four-way stop intersection.

What Pedestrian Improvements are Being Implemented?

The project calls for a number of pedestrian improvements to help increase access to Joyner Park from the surrounding subdivisions. These improvements include:

  • Installing sidewalk along the western side of Wall Road from Harris Road to Wallridge Drive

  • Installing sidewalk along the northern and southern sides of Harris Road from Harris Point Way and Wall Road

  • Pedestrian access from other subdivisions will be provided by future projects

What Can You Expect?
You can expect to see different people visiting the intersection site. In fact, you may already have noticed biologists, planners, environmental scientists, surveyors, and engineers, surveying the area.

Public Involvement
Public involvement is an important part of the project development process. The Town of Wake Forest encourages citizen involvement and will consider all suggestions. There will be several opportunities for public comments and suggestions throughout this planning phase.

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