Dunn Creek Greenway - Downtown Connector

The Town of Wake Forest will design and construct a 10-foot wide greenway (approximately .3 miles) from the existing northern end of the Dunn Creek Greenway at the NC 98 Bypass / Dr. Calvin Jones Highway pedestrian culvert, north to Town property. The project will also include trail spurs to the west connecting to Deacons Ridge and Cardinal Park subdivisions. This project will include stream crossing(s) and choosing greenway surface materials which are appropriate for this environment. It will also address drainage issues within the existing pedestrian culvert and provide lighting in the culvert.

Acquisition of a greenway easement from one property owner will be required.

Wake Forest secured a $400,000 STP-DA grant in 2011 from the Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP). This grant funds the design, ROW acquisition, and construction of the 10-ft wide greenway.

Please be aware that while construction is taking place, a portion of the adjoining greenways and sidewalks may be temporarily closed for your safety and the safety of the construction crews.For more information, contact Transportation Planning Manager Candace Davis at 919-435-9513.

March 2018 Update

  • Completing final punchlist items for the Wayfinding portion of the project.

Town Project Manager


  • Michael Taylor, PE
    Stewart Engineering


  • Galen Wall
    Fred Smith Construction Company