Interactive Transportation Projects Map

The interactive transportation map shown above highlights projects that have active construction sites, are in the process of being designed/permitted, and/or are currently funded for future design/construction.

How to Use This Map

Use the zoom controls in the upper left corner of the map to zoom in and out of the base map

Use your mouse to pan across the map

Click on an orange or blue feature to highlight a project and bring up project specifics

Click "more information" to view the project web page


Orange-colored features are ACTIVE projects. The Town is working through stages of design, environmental permitting, right-of-way acquisition, and construction.

Blue-colored features are PLANNED projects. Projects within any of The Town's transportation plans that are within the 5 year CIP

Active transportation projects include construction and enhancements to our roads, sidewalks, greenways, bridges, multi-use paths, bike lanes, and other parts of the transportation system. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources, including local, state, and federal tax dollars, as well as grants. Some projects are even constructed by volunteers. The amount of time required to complete a project varies, so all completion dates are provided as estimates.

Major transportation projects that are being completed by public, private development, subdivision, or commercial construction sites are also shown on this map. For more information, visit the Planning Department's Development Map.

Please view the linked websites specific to each project for more information about the schedule, activities, costs and project contacts.

Interactive Transportation Projects Map
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