Bike Share

Beginning in June 2018, Wake Forest will offer a new way to get around town. In April 2018 the Board of Commissioners approved a two-year agreement that allows the dockless bicycle-sharing company, LimeBike, to offer bicycles for a fee anywhere in the town limits.

As part of the initiative, LimeBike will bring approximately 200 bright green-colored bicycles to Wake Forest and place them in clusters in high traffic areas around town, including downtown and in parks and greenways.

How It Works
Each bike comes enabled with GPS and 3G technology. Once the bicycles are in place, customers must simply download the free LimeBike app onto their smartphone to access available LimeBikes. Then, using a QR code on their smartphone, customers scan the license plate on the bicycle, which unlocks the bicycle for usage. The customer can then ride the bicycle to one destination or several.

Once the user's destination is reached, the customer simply rescans the license plate to lock the bicycle in place, which also turns off the charging timer.

LimeBike utilizes a dock-free network which allows users freedom and flexibility in picking up bikes wherever they are available and leaving them wherever the ride ends for another customer to utilize.

The bikes also have solid foam tires, so no flats.

As part of its agreement with the Town, LimeBike will monitor, service and manage all bicycles in Wake Forest. The company will also maintain a presence in Wake Forest to ensure service is prompt and expeditious.

Rides cost $1 for 30 minutes, and students with an .edu email address pay a discounted rate of 50 cents for a half hour.

You'll have to download the LimeBike app on your mobile phone, submit your credit card information and buy credits to use the service.

Be Considerate
LimeBike users are urged to be considerate when leaving bikes by not leaving them on private property and not blocking pedestrian/wheelchair paths, access, driveways, crosswalks and loading zones.

Preventing Theft & Vandalism
In an effort to limit vandalism and prevent theft, each bike's GPS system will allow LimeBike to keep track of every apparatus at all times. The bikes are also equipped with an alarm system that will sound an alert in the event someone attempts to move the bike without proper access. In addition, all LimeBike parts are proprietary, which means that if someone takes a wheel or another part off a LimeBike, it will not fit into any other bike model.


  • Affordable

  • Good source of exercise

  • Allows for one-way trips

  • Ideal for short-distance transportation

LimeBike Launch
Wake Forest plans to officially launch the LimeBike program as part of National Trails Day on Saturday, June 2, at E. Carroll Joyner Park, 701 Harris Road.

Staff Contact
For more information, contact Transportation Planning Manager Suzette Morales at 919-435-9512.