Safe & Connected Community

OBJECTIVE A - Update and implement plans already in place
  1. Update Comprehensive Transportation Plan
  2. Update Northeast Area Plan

  3. Update Community Plan

  4. Periodically report and acknowledge accomplishments from respective plans

  5. Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources achieve accreditation from the Commission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies

  6. Wake Forest Police Department achieve accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies

  7. Downtown Development achieve National Main Street Accreditation

OBJECTIVE B - Identify locations where there are missing connections and develop plans when reasonable to remedy them
  1. Review and evaluate identified areas in previous Plans and address annually for upcoming budget cycle

OBJECTIVE C - Build citizen participation in the community
  1. Educate citizens on volunteer opportunities (expand Wake Forest 411 videos to include advisory boards/commission)

  2. Create virtual citizen academies

OBJECTIVE D - Enhance the sense of safety in the town
  1. Continue to evaluate areas for LED lighting and convert all Wake Forest Power street lights to LED

  2. Continue to introduce initiatives that strengthen citizens and business-police relations

  3. Develop survey to determine the sense of safety

  4. Develop a plan to increase contact with businesses

  5. Continue to expand Community Watch program

OBJECTIVE E - Promote the use of technology to enhance and inform our community
  1. Encourage companies to provide fiber connect to the homes and connect all Town facilities to fiber

  2. Incorporate the website dashboard to monitor and track performance management system – develop dashboard and quarterly reporting mechanism for results tracking

  3. Promote all new infrastructure within the town to install fiber during construction