Economic Development

Objective A - Retain and foster businesses that create a diverse mixture of jobs

  1. Partner with various organizations to develop an entrepreneur program

  2. Develop a public/private partnership to develop a technology park.

Objective B - Promote business in the Renaissance Area
  1. Install a parklet on White Street

  2. Convert Owen Avenue to a shared festival street

  3. Light the railroad bridge and create an iconic & memorable gateway to Downtown

  4. Close part of Wait Avenue and consolidate the block

  5. Implement a parking management program

  6. Plan an interactive water feature

  7. Construct the Smith Creek greenway through downtown

  8. Build a playground

  9. Improve Front Street intersection for pedestrians

  10. Enhance wayfinding and signage to direct visitors to and throughout downtown

Objective C - Promote housing that meets present and future workforce demands
  1. Develop partnerships with non-profits to identify areas for affordable housing