The following benefits are offered to all full-time employees of the Town of Wake Forest. All insurance coverage becomes effective 30 days from employment date.

Medical insurance- Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC
Town pays for employee coverage – a $755.38/month benefit.  As an enrollee, you may choose to receive care from any of the primary care physicians and specialists who are listed in the BCBSNC directory, without a referral.  $25 co-payment for office visits & $50 for specialists, and the plan covers 80% of eligible expenses for inpatient hospital services after deductible. The total out of pocket maximum is $4,750 single and $9,500 per family per calendar year. Prescription drugs: $4 co-payment for generic, $40 & $55 co-payment for brand name drugs on the Preferred Drug List. 

Employee Contributions for Additional Medical Coverage:

Bi-Weekly Employee Cost

  • Employee + 1 - $228.00 (employee + spouse or child)

  • Family - $520.16

Dental insurance -  MetLife
Town pays for employee coverage. $1,500 per person maximum/plan year benefit, $50 deductible ($100 per family) when applicable. Pays 100% reasonable and customary charges for preventive services, 80% of charges for basic restorative services; and 80% of charges for major restorative services.

Employee Contributions for Additional Dental Coverage.

Bi-Weekly Employee Cost 

  • Employee + Spouse - $27.53

  • Employee + Child - $28.98

  • Family - $42.02

Life Insurance – AIG
Town pays for employee coverage. Employee Life Insurance is equal to 100% of employee's annual salary, rounded up to the next $1,000. (Example: Salary = $25,100; Life insurance = $26,000).   

Optional dependent coverage: $0.41/Spouse - $2,000 coverage; $0.41/Dependent Child (6months to Age 26) - $2,000 coverage; or $0.41/Dependent Child (Birth to 6 months) - $1,000 coverage.

Short Term Disability – Municipal Insurance Trust
Town pays for employee coverage. Benefits begin on the 8th day of disability, maximum payment period of 26 weeks. Pays 60% current weekly salary with no maximum.

Long Term Disability – AIG
Town pays for employee coverage. Benefits begin after short term disability is exhausted and, if necessary, last until Social Security payments begin. Pays 60% current weekly salary with no maximum. Claims are reviewed every two years.

Vision Insurance - Superior Vision
Optional coverage through Colonial Insurance Broker. Benefits include low $10 co-pay for annual exam plus $120 hardware benefit towards contacts or glasses.

Bi- Weekly Employee Cost 

  • Employee only - $3.63

  • Employee + 1 - $7.05

  • Employee + Family - $10.35

Local Government Employee’s Retirement System
(877) 627-3287
Enrollment is mandatory at the completion of the 6-month introductory period. Employee contributes 6% of gross earnings and the Town contributes 7.39% of total gross wages to general employees and 8.00% of total gross wages for Police Officers. Employee is fully vested after 5 years of creditable service. We also offer a Death Benefit in the amount of $25,000 - $50,000 to all active employees.

*State Retirement – It is best to combine the two (state & local) if you are vested in the system. When you retire, the state has a higher calculation in the retirement system than local government.  Ex.  If you have 17 years with the state and 13 years with local government, you can retire with unreduced benefits from both. Also, with the state retirement plan you receive free hospitalization. (If you are a state employee, please check your manual).

401(k) Retirement
(866) 624-0151
Town contributes 5% of gross earnings for general employees after successful completion of the 6-month introductory period. Employees transferring from local or state government may continue voluntary contributions with Town contributions starting after successful completion of the introductory period. Full-time, sworn law enforcement officers are enrolled immediately upon hire with the Town contributing 5% of their gross earnings.  All employees may add voluntary contributions by payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis. 

NC 457 Retirement Plan
(866) 627-5267
Employees are eligible to enroll in this deferred compensation plan available exclusively to North Carolina public employees. Features include 100% vesting, penalty free withdrawals and multiple investment choices. Employees may enroll as of the date of hire. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Business Health Services
(919) 872-4786 or (800) 327-2251
Provides short term confidential counseling with marital, financial, legal, alcohol, family or other concerns, for employees and their families at no cost to the employee.  Twenty-four (24) hour emergency phone assistance and telephone sessions available.

Supplemental Insurance - Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company
(888) 662-7500 ext. 100
Policies include: medical ($2500 limit) and childcare ($5000 limit) flexible spending accounts (888) 868-FLEX (3539), life, accident, disability, cancer, and other insurance coverage.  Employee pays for employee and/or dependent coverage.

Liberty Mutual
Auto and home insurance program. As employees of the Town of Wake Forest you can receive up to 10% off auto and home insurance.  For information contact Melissa Kiner, LUTCF, at (919)-401-1550 ext: 56557 or

NC 529 Plan
North Carolina's National College Savings Program. You can open an account for anyone-even yourself. Anyone can save toward someone's college education. Use the funds for college expenses at virtually any college anywhere. Earnings grow tax-free. Withdrawals used for Qualified Higher Education Expenses are exempt from both NC and Federal income taxes. Employer Code: 02697. If you have questions contact or 1-800-600-3453.

Local Government Employees' Credit Union
(919) 562-7222
All full and part-time employees are eligible to join the Local Government Employees’ Credit Union.  The local branch is available at the State Employees’ Credit Union located at 1116 Jenkins Road.

Merit Increases
After successfully completing the introductory period, each employee will receive a 5% merit increase.  We also offer merit increases annually depending on merit and developmental and market range.  Developmental Range is for salaries below mid-point and Market Range is for salaries above mid-point.

                                                Developmental Range             Market Range

Unacceptable                                             0%                                       0%

Needs Development                                  0%                                       0%

Proficiency and is Fully Competent          3%                                       1.75%

Highly Commendable                                5%                                       3.5%

Mastery and Excellence                             7%                                       5%

Eleven paid holidays per year (Town observes same holiday schedule as State of North Carolina).

Accrues weekly.  Maximum number of days an employee can accumulate is 30.

                  0-4 years        12 days per year                      15-19 years       20 days per year

                  5-9 years        15 days per year                      20+ years          21 days per year

                  10-14 years    18 days per year

Sick Leave
Accrues weekly. Twelve days per year.  No Limit on number of days accumulated.

Funeral Leave
Employees are allowed 40 or 42 hours of paid leave per fiscal year based on the work week associated with the employee’s position.  Funeral leave does not carry over from one fiscal year to the next and is not transferable from one employee to another.

Volunteer & Community Leave Policy
Full time employees and temporary employees with benefits with at least one (1) year of service to the Town may use up to four (4) hours per fiscal year to volunteer for service in the schools or in community programs.

Longevity bonus based on employee's date of hire in full-time position based on the following schedule:

                              5-9 years         $ 300                         15-19 years     $700

                             10-14 years      $ 500                         20+ years        $1000

Tuition Assistance Program
Full-time employees who have completed their initial probationary period may be reimbursed for one-half of eligible expenses for courses taken on the employee’s own time which will improve his/her skills for his/her current job or prepare him/her for promotional opportunities with the Town.

Wellness Wednesdays
The last Wednesday of every month is Wellness Wednesday for all Town of Wake Forest employees. Employees are allowed to spend the last hour of their scheduled workday to engage in a wellness activity.

Direct Deposit
Mandatory for all employees. We are paid on a bi-weekly basis.