Soil & Erosion 101

What is the difference between mud, soil, dirt, erosion and sediment?

  • Mud - wet dirt

  • Soil - particle with organic and inorganic matter

  • Sand - large particles, good filter

  • Silt - medium size, mixed types (loam)

  • Clay - very small grain size, holds water

  • Dirt - the stuff of the bottom of your shoe

  • Erosion - soil that has been undercut

  • Sediment - deposition of eroded soil

What are the rules when it comes to erosion?

Do I need a permit when I disturb the soil?

Projects that disturb over 0.50 acre require a permit thru the town

What should I do if I see sediment?

  • Call the Wake Forest Erosion & Stormwater Hotline at 919-435-9443