Police warn area residents to stay off frozen ponds and other bodies of water

Wake Forest Police are advising parents to alert their children about the dangers of attempting to play on partially-frozen lakes and ponds.

Despite the appearance of being frozen, area bodies of water only have a thin layer of ice on the surface, giving it a frozen appearance and giving children a false sense of security.

Falling through the ice into frigid water can prove fatal.

In addition, most ponds and lakes have a shelving slope before they drop off into deeper water, so it is extremely dangerous whenever people venture on to ice not knowing how deep the water is below them.

Police suggests the following if you see someone fall through the ice, or if you happen to fall through:

  • Shout for assistance, and send for the emergency services by calling 911

  • Stay off the ice - even if you are trying to help

  • Shout to the person to keep still and not to panic

  • Try and reach them from the bank using a rope, pole, a tree branch, clothing tied together, or anything else that extends your reach

  • When reaching for the person you are trying to pull to the bank, lie down to avoid being pulled onto the ice

For more information, call the Wake Forest Police Department at 919-554-6150. 

Posted by Bill Crabtree 01/04/2018