Town of Wake Forest: An Equal Opportunity Employer
The Town of Wake Forest is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive benefits and salaries. Selections for employment will be made on the basis of applicants' qualifications for the job.  All employees will be treated equitably in regard to compensation, training, and promotional opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or age. Persons with disabilities will be given equal consideration in all matters involving employment to the extent their disabilities do not prevent them from performing the essential functions of their position. The Town of Wake Forest will reasonably accommodate any employee to the degree it does not compromise their safety and health or the safety and health of others.

How to Become a Wake Forest Police Officer
Anyone interested in a career with the Wake Forest Police Department must complete a Town of Wake Forest Employment Application and the Supplemental Application for Police. If you have additional charges or employment history that cannot fit on the application, here are the forms to use: Charges continued and Employment History continued. Applications are processed by the Human Resources Department and should be delivered to the address below:

Town of Wake Forest Human Resources
301 S. Brooks St.
Wake Forest, NC 27587-2932
or call 919-435-9492

Processing of police applications takes approximately three to five months.  Requirements and procedures have been established by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the Wake Forest Police Department.

The following is a general progression of the application process and will indicate where a candidate is in the hiring process:

  1. Submit a Town of Wake Forest application for employment with all supplements.  A North Carolina Training and Standards Personal History Statement (F3) will not be required as part of the initial application process;

  2. Pre-screening of applications for disqualifying offenses or conduct;

  3. Entry level written and physical agility testing will be conducted;

  4. Submission of F-3 and supplemental paperwork for all applicants proceeding to oral board phase;

  5. Oral board and panel interview;

  6. Truth Verification Examination;

  7. Comprehensive Background Investigation;

  8. Extension of conditional offer for qualified applicants with command interview; and

  9. Physical examination, psychological fitness testing and drug screening.

Training & Experience
All applicants must be a high school graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development (GED) program; however, applicants with university or college degrees are highly desired.

All applicants must possess a valid law enforcement certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission or be enrolled in a North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course in order to be considered for employment.

Residency Requirement
All officers must live within a thirty (30) mile radius of the contiguous town limits of Wake Forest. Applicants who do not live within the thirty mile limit will have one year from the date of hire to move within the limit.

Starting Salary

  • $41,702 - No prior experience or degree

  • $42,745 - Two years' prior NC Sworn Law Enforcement experience OR four (4) years out-of-state experience

  • $43,787 - Five years' prior NC Sworn Law Enforcement experience OR ten (10) years out-of-state experience

Additions to Salaries

  • 2.5% - Two-year degree (law enforcement-related) 

  • 5% - Four-year degree (law enforcement-related) 

  • 2.5% - NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission Advanced Certificate 

  • 5% - Automatic salary increase after six months of employment with the Town of Wake Forest 

  • 5% - Fluent in Spanish 

  • $1000 - Wellness bonus for "Superior" performance of POPAT (Police Officer's Physical Abilities Test) three times a year


  • Paid vacation/sick leave

  • Additional sick leave (beginning with the 15th year of active service)

  • 11 annual paid holidays

  • 1 paid floating holiday

  • Paid parental leave

  • Paid elder care leave

  • Paid funeral leave

  • Tuition assistance (the Town incurs 50% of the cost for officers to obtain degrees)

  • Worker’s compensation

  • Paid overtime

  • 401K employer contribution

  • Employer retirement contribution

  • Take home patrol car program

  • Paid medical/dental insurance

  • Career ladder program

  • Wellness/physical fitness program

  • Paid life insurance

  • Short-term disability coverage

  • Long-term disability coverage

  • Longevity pay after five years of service

PLEASE NOTE: Detailed descriptions of employee benefits are available on the Benefits page of the Town's website.

Pay Scale







Police Officer I  






Police Officer II  






Officer First Class  






Master Officer  






Senior Officer  





































Obtaining An Employment Application
Employment Applications may be obtained online or at the Human Resources Department located at 301 S. Brooks St., Wake Forest, NC 27587.