2008 Bicycle Plan

The Bicycle Plan of 2008 was the first comprehensive bicycle plan in the Town's history; it was funded in part by a Bicycle Planning Grant received from the NC Department of Transportation, Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning. The Plan provides a framework for making bicycling better and more popular for residents, businesses and visitors. The goals developed for the Plan include:

  1. Regional Connections: Identify on-road and off-road bike routes that provide regional connections between Wake Forest and the rest of the Triangle area.
  2. Safety for All Skills and Purposes: Create an environment in which children and adults can travel safely and independently to locations across Wake Forest.
  3. An Attitude of Acceptance: Create a community of respectful cyclists and motorists who understand and obey local and state traffic laws, and operate their vehicles with courtesy for others.
  4. Improvements to Existing Facilities: Existing roadways and greenways should be improved as necessary to accommodate cyclists, plan to include bicycle facilities in future roadway construction, and develop designated bicycle routes through town.
  5. Construction/New Projects: Create new on-road and off-road facilities, such as greenways, bike lanes, a rail-trail, and even a mountain biking facility. These new facilities will be well connected with existing facilities and provide access to major destinations.