2019 Comprehensive Transportation Plan



2019 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Overview

The interactive Comprehensive Transportation Plan is available for viewing here. A printable Executive Summary of the plan is also available for viewing. See the sidebar for the report.

The Wake Forest Comprehensive Transportation Plan accomplished several objectives and innovations in 2019:

  • Consolidate and update four major planning documents that cover transportation, greenways, walking, and biking.

  • Create a new type of accessible plan that is designed to be read and explored, including interactive on-line content.

  • Develop concept designs for "hot spots" around town.

  • Revisit key policies embedded in the Town's ordinance; state-level initiatives; and acknowledge the impact of technology on how we move in, to, and around Wake Forest.

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Project Timeline

February 2018 - collect data, form steering committee, review existing / past plans, launch website

May 2018 - first project symposium, complete first survey, begin existing conditions + directions report

August 2018 - complete existing conditions + directions report, develop preliminary recommendations

May 2019 - present draft concepts at second symposium, launch second survey, results will help guide refinements

October 2019 - finalize draft; prepare and present final report to Town Commissioners for adoption

October 15, 2019 - Plan adoption by the Board of Commissioners



2019 Comprehensive Transportation Plan
Technical Committee Meeting Minutes
Planning Committee Members

Mayor Vivian Jones

Commissioner Anne Reeve

Ray Boylston, Heritage

Alan Gibson, Heritage HOA

Ellen Turco, Historic District Commission

Brad Walker, Holding Village

Deanna Welker, Greenway Advisory Board

Mark Marley, Traditions

Scott Poole, Downtown, Inc.

Colleen Sharpe, Planning Board

Subir Mukherjee, West Wake Forest

Al Merritt, East End

Zee Khan, Technology Advisory Board 

Karen Mallo, St. Ives