Renaissance Plan Update

2017 Renaissance Plan

Renaissance Plan Update

The 2017 Renaissance Plan for Downtown Wake Forest is now available.

The Town of Wake Forest adopted The Renaissance Plan for the Heart of Wake Forest in 2004. The plan set forth a vision for the re-invigoration of the downtown area. Since then, several key public and private investments have occurred resulting in a renewed vibrancy for downtown Wake Forest.

The economic recession of the late 2000s, still lingering somewhat today, drastically impacted the way we think, live, plan and spend. Cognizant of the changed economic conditions, the Board of Commissioners realized a review and update of the plan was necessary to maintain momentum, sharpen focus, and retain the vibrancy downtown recently gained. 


To assist the town, property owners, merchants, and potential investors, the Renaissance Plan Update will address the following:

  • Market study identifying market readiness and barriers for appropriate development

  • Housing infill

  • Detailed streetscape plan for all streets

  • Renaissance Plan advertisementMulti-modal strategies prioritizing bicyclist, pedestrian, and transit usage

  • Parking strategies including management, on-street parking, and location of off-street parking areas

  • Identification and tabulation of private development/redevelopment opportunities

  • Desirable conditions to attract new retail, restaurant, office and housing to the area

  • Key urban design principles for new development/redevelopment

  • Events/Marketing strategies

  • Implementation strategies including timing, phasing, funding, and partnerships


Renaissance Plan Update