Public Transit Plan

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The Town of Wake Forest began offering bus service in 2008 as a partnership between the City of Raleigh and the Town of Wake Forest with GoRaleigh operating the route and the City of Raleigh paying a portion of the total cost, equivalent to the percentage of a route in Raleigh.

The fare free fixed route service, the Wake Forest Loop (WFL), offered Wake Forest residents access to commercial and shopping opportunities, medical facilities, and public services in throughout Wake Forest and in Raleigh's Wakefield neighborhood.

ARPA logoIn addition, the Town is served by the Wake Forest-Raleigh Express (WRX), a commuter service route from GoTriangle, and operated by GoRaleigh. The bus service offers hourly service during peak hours between Downtown Wake Forest, Triangle Town Center, and Downtown Raleigh.

The Town of Wake Forest continues to receive requests to access additional services and amenities throughout town. The purpose of the Public Transit Plan is to 1) evaluate existing service; 2) understand the viability of alternatives to fixed-route services; and 3) recommend a solution for transit expansion, including the service model type, cost of expansion, and implementation steps.

This project is supported by a grant from US Treasury as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds award totaling $14.5 million.