Historic Marker Program

Historic Marker DesignThe Historic Marker Program Policy was adopted by the Town of Wake Forest Board of Commissioners on August 17, 2021.

The program will be administered by the Wake Forest Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and the Planning Department. During the public outreach portion of the NE Community Plan, members of the community expressed a desire to raise awareness about the rich history of the NE Community even if the building's are no longer standing. Implementation of a historic marker program is an appropriate way to identify historical sites and educate the public of their significance. Each site selected for a historical marker must hold special significance to the  rich heritage of the Town of Wake Forest. 

Annual Historic Marker Selection Process

All Historic Marker Applications will be submitted electronically through the electronic plan review to the Historic Preservation Planning Staff. Staff will review the applications and prepare them for the Historic Marker Selection Meeting. The Historic Preservation Commission will review all applications and hear presentations at their regular November meeting. Once the Historic Preservation Commission approves the markers in November, staff will finalize text and order the markers. All markers will be installed and unveiled in celebration of National Historic Preservation Month in May. 

Application Process

The deadline to submit an application for a historic marker this year, in 2021 is Thursday, September 30th. All future years, the deadline will be September 1st. Applications are electronic and can be accessed by the Town's Electronic Plan Review Process. There is no cost to submit an application. Once in the Electronic Plan Review Portal follow these steps (Note: you will have to set up a log in to use the system):

  1. Click on “Submit a Project for Review”

  2. Select Wake County

  3. Select “Planning/Developmental Services”

  4. From the drop-down menu, select Historic Marker Application - Workflow, select Historic Marker

  5. The subdivision/area is the site name/property address

  6. Complete the instructions and provide as much information as possible so staff can review the project. You are able to upload  scanned documents and photographs in pdf or jpg.

  7. Submit Application



Historic Marker Program
Senior Planner - Historic Preservation
Presentation to Board of Commissioners August 3, 2021
Approved Historic Marker Program Policy