Greenways are vegetated natural buffers that improve water quality, reduce the impacts of flooding, and provide wildlife habitat. Greenways may include features such as hiking, bicycling and equestrian trails, streams and rivers suitable for canoeing and boating, abandoned railroad rights-of-way, utility rights-of-way, scenic roads, and scenic easements. They connect people and places by linking neighborhoods, offices, parks, schools, transit stops, and shopping areas.

Greenways answer the growing public demand for safe and pleasant ways to travel about the Town. Currently there are 8 miles of developed and 50 miles of undeveloped greenways in the Wake Forest system, with more greenways being built every year.


Land Dedication

If you are interested in granting the Town of Wake Forest a conservation/greenway easement, contact Candace R. Davis at 919-435-9513. You might qualify for federal income tax deductions or state income tax deductions or credits if you voluntarily grant a conservation/greenway easement to the Town as a charitable donation and satisfy any other applicable requirements, such as obtaining an appraisal for the donation.

Please note, this information does not constitute tax advice to you, nor is it intended to be written or relied upon for the purposes of avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or any other tax laws. If you have further questions about tax impacts, please contact an independent tax advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions about conservation easements

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