Yard waste collection update

Monday, April 27, 2020 - 2:38pm

The Town of Wake Forest continues to receive inquiries from residents about the status of its yard waste collection service. The following information is intended to clarify the Town’s efforts.

Last week, Town crews began picking up piles of tree limbs and branches in an effort to help residents impacted by recent storms. To mitigate safety concerns and adhere to social distancing guidelines, the Public Works Department is using equipment operated by a single employee. The equipment is not capable of picking up containers, grass clippings, loose leaves or bags of leaves, so those items are not being collected.

Crews are attempting to follow the normal yard waste collection schedule. Due to the heavy volume of tree limbs and branches, the process may take several weeks to complete, so the patience and understanding of residents is much appreciated.

The collection of storm debris does not signal the resumption of the Town’s normal yard waste collection service, which remains suspended until further notice. Wake Forest was forced to suspend its yard waste collection service due to the closure of the Raleigh Yard Waste Center which serves as the Town’s yard waste disposal site. The facility closed in late March due to COVID-19, but reopened to Raleigh residents only in mid-April.

Over the past week, several Wake Forest residents have reported failed attempts to dispose of their yard waste at the Raleigh Yard Waste Center after presenting identification indicating Wake Forest as their town of residence. That’s because, for now, the facility is open only to Raleigh residents.

Wake Forest officials are actively exploring alternative yard waste disposal options, but for now the Town has nowhere to dispose of residents’ leaves, grass and trimmings.

The Town will provide further updates on yard waste collection as they become available.

For more information, email Public Works at publicworksdept@wakeforestnc.gov.