Washed Out Section of Rogers Road is Now Open

Monday, December 5, 2016 - 2:17pm

Christmas has come early this year as the section of Rogers Road between Heritage Gates Drive and Hobblebush Way washed out by Hurricane Matthew has reopened.

The section of road had been closed since Oct. 8 after floodwater conditions blew out a 48-inch metal pipe, as well as the roadway above it.

The NCDOT determined a larger culvert was needed as a replacement so a custom-made 12 ¼-foot by 7 ¼-foot structure was ordered from a manufacturer. While waiting for its arrival, the construction company hired for the repairs dug out more of the roadway and the ground underneath so the larger culvert would fit, and a waterline was relocated.

Once the culvert was in place, the hole was backfilled, and final paving took place over the past couple of days.

For more information about NC Department of Transportation projects, call the NCDOT at 1-877-DOT-4YOU (1-877-368-4968).