Wake Forest Power crews to assist with Hurricane Irma power restoration efforts in Florida

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 8:04am

As part of its long-standing tradition of assisting other public power communities during large-scale power outages, Wake Forest Power is sending 12 linemen and support personnel to Lakeland, FL to help with power restoration efforts after Hurricane Irma.

The crews, which left for Florida earlier today, are expected to spend at least one week helping restore electricity and responding to widespread damage caused by high winds, heavy rain and fallen trees.

Wake Forest Power's Mike Barton, Brett Phillips, Jason Shambley, Chad Champion, Chris Terrell, Hugo Mier, Joe Shearin, Zack Goldsmith, David Thieman, Jason Walter, Lonnie Wilson, and Chris Keith are making the trip to Florida.

"Wake Forest Power is committed to assisting with a major power restoration effort in Lakeland," said Public Works & Utilities Director Mike Barton. "We are fortunate that Hurricane Irma will not significantly impact the Wake Forest area, so we are anxious to help a sister public power community in Florida."

Wake Forest is a member of ElectriCities' mutual-assistance group that works cooperatively to restore electric service to public power customers when a natural disaster causes large-scale power outages.  Mutual assistance allows member utilities to pool their resources to help restore power to customers faster. 

For more information, contact Mike Barton at 919-435-9571 or mbarton@wakeforestnc.gov.