Horton places 5th in Tactical Games

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 1:55pm

The Wake Forest Police Department (WFPD) is pleased to announce that Cpl. J. Horton placed fifth out of 46 competitors in the Sept. 21-22 Tactical Games in Autryville, NC.

A combination of functional fitness competition and combat exercise, the Tactical Games were created to provide a venue to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes from all backgrounds, including military personnel and law enforcement officers.

The Tactical Games are based on the concept that in order to be successful in combat you must be fast and accurate while under physical and mental duress. The competition attempts to replicate various facets of combat in every event stage. The exercise used to elevate heart rate and the skill sets paired up with the exercise chosen are intended to replicate challenges experienced in combat.

Scoring is based on speed and accuracy. Athletes are timed during each “battle” or “heat,” and their time stops when they cross the finish line. If a participant misses a target, it results in a penalty and time is added to the score.

A corporal on the Patrol Division and a member of the Tactical Service Unit (TSU), Horton has been a Wake Forest Police Officer since 2015.