E-Billing offers added convenience for Wake Forest Power customers

Monday, August 13, 2018 - 10:23am

Wake Forest Power (WFP) offers several convenient ways for customers to pay their electric bills. One way that helps protect the environment while also saving time and money is through WFP's paperless billing option.

Customers who sign up for the free e-billing service receive an email notification whenever their electric bill is ready to be viewed on the Town's website. Customers who receive their bills through email enjoy greater convenience and enhanced security, while also reducing clutter and helping the environment.  

The convenience factor is magnified when customers combine e-billing with the Town's online bill pay service. Besides the added convenience, customers who pay online also save money because they don't have to pay for stamps, envelopes or checks.

"Using the e-bill payment option is the green, environmentally-friendly way to go," said Customer Service Manager Andrew Brown, Jr. "Through this free service, our customers can view and pay their electric bills entirely online, thereby eliminating paper bills, envelopes and postage stamps."

By offering an e-billing option, the Town wins too by saving money each year in printing, postage, labor and equipment costs associated with paper billing.

To sign up for e-billing, visit www.wakeforestnc.gov//finance/utility-bill-payment-options/e-billing. You will be required to enter your account number, phone number and full name – exactly as it appears on your electric bill. Once you are logged in and activate e-billing you will receive an email confirming your enrollment.

E-bill notification is an optional feature for all Wake Forest Power customers. Customers who do not enroll in the program will continue receiving printed bills through the mail and may continue making payments as they always have.

For more information, contact Customer Service Manager Andrew Brown, Jr. at 919-435-9466 or abrown@wakeforestnc.gov.