Holding Park Aquatic Center

Holding Park Aquatic Center opening delayed “indefinitely”
June 12, 2018
Mother Nature is at it again and now she’s using another form of extreme weather to delay the opening of the Holding Park Aquatic Center. Over the winter, the culprit was subfreezing temperatures. Now, the problem is rain - lots and lots of rain. More>>



Holding Park Pool Update PlanConstruction is underway on the new Holding Park Aquatic Center, 133 W. Owen Ave. The facility, which will replace the former Holding Park Pool, is expected to open in late spring/early summer 2018.

The new aquatic center will be comprised of three bodies of water, including the following:

  • a six-lane, 25-yard lap pool

  • two water slides with plunge pool

  • children’s pool with water play

What happened to Holding Park Pool?
Due to the discovery of significant structural issues, Holding Park Pool did not open in 2016. While working to repair the leak, contractors discovered a variety of major problems related to the integrity of the pool walls. As a result, all pool-related activities scheduled for 2017 were also canceled.

In October 2016 the Wake Forest Board of Commissioners voted to replace the pool and build a new facility.

Holding Park Aquatic Center Employment Opportunities
The Town of Wake Forest has contracted with AquaTech Pool Management Group to manage and staff the Aquatic Center for the 2018 season. 

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