Street Lighting/Residential Subdivisions

Applicable to Consumers residing in residential subdivisions for service supplied in the lighting of residential dedicated public streets by means of HPS fixtures installed within residential subdivisions, consisting of single or duplex dwellings.

This schedule is not available to supply service for the lighting of parking lots, shopping centers, other public or commercial areas within the residential subdivisions or areas not specifically provided for by the provisions herein.

The service supplied by the Town will include the installation of a street lighting system according to the Town's standards and requirements. Lighting systems shall be owned, maintained, and operated by the Town including the furnishing of the electricity required for the illumination of the lamps from dusk to dawn. Lighting units will be located by the Town to provide the most uniform lighting possible in the residential area.

The applicable monthly charge set forth in this schedule shall be applied to the monthly billings of all residents in the subdivision as long as street lighting service is provided under any of the conditions as set forth herein.

Monthly Rate

Lighting Type



100 -watt HPS on wood pole



100-watt HPS on metal pole



100-watt HPS on decorative pole



A = 1 light per 10 residences

B = 1 light per 6 residences

Late Fees
The billing month is defined as the month when a bill is rendered for payment. Bills are due upon receipt. All bills not paid within fifteen (15) days from date of bill shall be subject to a late payment charge of $5.00 or 2% of the outstanding bill, whichever is greater.

Effective for billings rendered on or after Sept. 1, 2016