Compost Bins

Do you want healthier, more fertile soil? Would you like to reduce your gardening water bill and your garbage output by as much as 30%?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then consider purchasing a compost bin. By composting, you can remove more than 500 lbs. of organic matter from your household waste per year, diverting it from collection or the local landfill!

Composting is simply a combination of yard debris (like grass clippings and fallen leaves) and kitchen scraps (such as fruit and vegetable spoils), separated from the waste stream and placed into an environment suitable for decomposition. Through composting, you can experience the benefits of this rich soil additive giving you healthier and greener lawns and gardens.

Selected in thousands of cities and towns across the United States for their backyard composting programs, Rain Water Solutions' compost bin features a large 88-gallon capacity, a complete set of composting instructions and removable access doors. 

How to Obtain a Compost Bin

How to Order

The Town of Wake Forest is selling compost bin to area residents for only $60!

You can purchase your compost bin at the Wake Forest Town Hall, 301 S. Brooks St., with cash, check made out to the Town of Wake Forest, or credit card. But that’s not all! As a special service for Town of Wake Forest electric and/or sanitation customers only, the town will deliver your compost bin at no additional cost. Area residents who are not electric and/or sanitation customers, may pick up their compost bin at the Wake Forest Operations Center, 234 Friendship Chapel Road.

For more information or to order your compost bin, contact Betty Pearce at 919-435-9570.