Weather Line

In case of inclement weather, Wake Forest residents should call the Weather Line at 919-435-9569 for information concerning changes to the town's regular schedule. The Weather Line will provide updates concerning all town-sponsored programs and activities, including Parks and Recreation games and practices, as well as concerts, festivals, and other special events.

Current weather information

When a decision is made to cancel a town-sponsored event or alter the town's regular schedule, the Communications Department will record a message on the Weather Line stating the changes in the town schedule.

Smart phone users who have downloaded the Town of Wake Forest app will receive a push notification message informing them of any schedule changes. 

Weather-related announcements may also appear on the homepage of the town's website, on our Severe Weather Updates page, on our Facebook page and on Wake Forest TV 10.

Inclement Weather Policy Summary

Special Events

In case of inclement weather, town-sponsored special events, including concerts, festivals, and holiday celebrations, may be canceled.

The Town of Wake Forest will update the Weather Line and make every effort to update the homepage of the town's website to reflect all present inclement weather program cancellations.

Additional public notices of event cancellations may also be made via email to all E-News subscribers.

In the event of inclement weather, certain concerts may be moved to the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre, 405 S. Brooks St. In such cases, the Weather Line's pre-recorded message will indicate whether a change in venue is scheduled.

Parks & Recreation 

In case of inclement weather, Parks and Recreation games and practices may be canceled.

The Parks and Recreation Department makes every effort to make decisions concerning practice and game cancellations by 4 p.m.

If the weather line message does not indicate changes to the current schedule, participants should proceed to the designated practice or game location.

On occasion, inclement weather may cause the cancellation of some practices/games, but not others. As a result, Weather Line callers are urged to listen carefully to the entire message for important information concerning their practice or game of interest.

In the event severe weather requires a practice or game cancellation, participants will be notified by telephone, and the Weather Line will be changed to indicate postponements. Coaches will be notified via mail of revised game schedules.

For more information, contact Athletics Superintendent Edward Austin at 919-435-9562.

Weather Line
Communications & Public Affairs Director
Weather Line


Town of Wake Forest App

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